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22: Building a loyal team by offering equity to management with Felippe Marques- The Franchise Story Podcast

Felippe Marques came from the corporate world and bought into F45 fitness and he’s in the minutiae of everything there. He had the opportunity to start a small business and went big. He has a master’s degree in science, environmental policy from Georgia Tech and was working in the corporate world for a small company called Coca Cola Company. Felippe met Greg who’s currently his business partner with F45. He was his right-hand solutions guy. Greg and Felippe became great friends and they closed multimillion-dollar deals than they were having just a great ride for about six years. One day they realized that they want to do something different. They want to get into the fitness business and they want to get into the franchise business. And that is where F45 adventures began.

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