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23: Building teams and lessons on scaling multiple brands Josh Skolnick- The Franchise Story Podcast

Josh Skolnick is the CEO and founder of Monster Tree Inc.  The company was founded in 2008. It started as a small tree service company serving communities in southeast Pennsylvania.  In the years since, Monster Tree Service has blossomed into a national franchise that continues to grow under Skolnick’s fearless leadership. Today, Monster Tree Service has 41 units nationwide and generates more than $11 million in system-wide sales.  Then in 2018, he started the Redbox Plus LLC which he also runs until now. Redbox Plus LLC is a waste disposal company and he plans to roll out a lawn care franchise company in 2019. He believes that success isn’t found in school. So listen to our episode with our special guest Josh Skolnick as he shares how he became a successful franchisee.

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