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33: Who to hire, and when to fire?- The Franchise Story Podcast

In this episode, Erik and Brian talk about employees – how to hire them, and how to fire them, and how to find the great ones.

For Erik, it is important to have the right people doing the right things for the business so he can stay in his zone of genius, and focus on what he’s great at. And Brian talks about the importance of prioritizing and investing in your people. In return, the business grows, and the people in it grow all together.

Join us to learn more about building a great team.

What we talk about:

  • Hire slow, fire fast

  • Having a core vision for your business

  • Giving power and authority to the right people

  • Equity

  • Team mindset

  • How to start from nothing

  • Partnership

What we mention:

    • Traction, by Gino Wickman

    • Samira, Manager at Club Pilates

    • Michael, Social Media Manager for Erik

    • Club Pilates

    • Liberty Tax

    • Pat, Erik’s partner in one of his businesses

    • Cameron Herold

    • Rocket Fuel website

    • – Erik

    • – Brian

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