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39: Fast friends to successful business partners with Bonnie and Tracy from Shred415- The Franchise Story Podcast


In this episode, we are with Tracy and Bonnie of Shred415. Even with the difference in where they came from, in both place and profession, they shared a passion for fitness that brought them together and built Shred415.

Tracy was from California and wanted to be a dietitian, but then became more interested in fitness. Bonnie was a computer consultant, who had always been passionate about fitness.  The two met in Lincoln Park, Chicago and became the best of friends and started building Shred415. Since the beginning, both have always thought that this is going to grow and they have worked their way up because they never had a plan B.


Tune in now and join us as Tracy and Bonnie bring learning and inspiration through their experiences in building this franchise.


What we talk about:

  • Tracy’s background
  • Recognizing what is good for the community
  • Bonnie’s background
  • The vision of growing and having more than one
  • Keeping a simple model from the beginning
  • The work of slowly building up
  • Catering to different types of groups
  • Having the franchisees follow the playbook
  • Building the culture organically
  • Building a system for growth
  • Communication, trust, and have each other’s and the business’ best interest are vital keys to partnership
  • Make sure to closely look into the market you are entering


What we mention:

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