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Have you ever wondered if there are key personality traits or routines that successful people have in common? Are you looking for some inspiration to kick yourself into gear? In this episode of Franchise Secrets, I talk with a wildly successful franchisor, Bedros Keuilian. We cover his humble beginnings, the routines that ground him, and the drive needed to build a successful business.

Bedros Keuilian immigrated to the United States in 1980 as his family escaped the Soviet Union. His family was poor and they did whatever it took to survive—even eating out of dumpsters. He vowed that he would do whatever it took to build a better future for himself and his family. Bedros is now the owner and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp and runs his own coaching business.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:40] I introduce my guest, Bedros Keuilian
  • [2:05] Humble beginnings
  • [6:25] How Fit Body Boot Camp came to be
  • [14:30] Know that you’re made for more
  • [16:35] Find a mentor or way to be mentored
  • [22:05] The Ed Mylett and Andy Frisella story
  • [25:10] Why college isn’t always necessary
  • [31:10] How he manages his calendar
  • [36:00] The theory of bilateral stimulation
  • [38:20] Why there is no such thing as work-life balance!
  • [42:40] The Zone of Genius

The evolution of his franchise—Fit Body Boot Camp

Bedros started his career as a personal trainer and was fortunate to be able to trail Jim Franco. He didn’t realize it at the time, but as he was training Jim, Jim was mentoring him. He learned so much about business as he was coaching! Jim was one of the first people to encourage Bedros to launch a subscription model of personal training. Bedros went on to open 5 studios in California, which he later sold for a profit.

In 2008 he launched his earliest version of his boot camp and by 2010 was selling franchise locations. It was a painful process and mistakes were made, but he learned from them and continued to build his empire. Now, his franchise is closing in on 800 locations, has hit the Inc 5000 list, and was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 fastest growing franchises. You’ll want to listen as he talks about why the franchising process was difficult, why you need to make sure you have the right business partner and more!

Why being a control freak can be a good thing

When you hear the phrase ‘control freak’ you tend to think of a very obsessive and controlling person. The type of person you wouldn’t want to be around and don’t want to be. But Bedros points out that being a control freak doesn’t have to be a negative thing. He freely admits to being obsessive about his business and his schedule—and believes it is one of the reasons he is so successful.

You can be relentless, focused, obsessed, a control freak or whatever you want to call it! The important takeaway is that you are driven to be successful. So take that drive and take back control of your life and your business. Allow yourself to embrace your inner control freak. Bedros talks about some of the things he does to control his personal life and his schedule, so keep listening.

The importance of finding a mentor

Learning from others who have walked in your shoes is invaluable. Many great business owners were mentored, coached, or part of mastermind groups. They surround themselves with high achievers. So what do you do if you can’t afford to pay for a coach? Start small, and follow people you want to learn from on social media. Sign up for their email lists. Purchase one of their books.

You want to surround yourself with people who can fill in the gaps you can’t fill.

It’s as simple as that. Bedros offers a 2-day Mastermind 3 times a year for all of his franchisees. It’s completely optional and is an additional extra fee. The franchisees who attend his masterminds are the top performers in Fit Body Body Camp! He recommends seeking out key players that you want to model after. Continue with me as Bedros and I talk about how he sought out Ed Mylett and Andy Frisella, why he doesn’t believe everyone needs to go to college, and prioritizing family.

Controlling your calendar and maximizing your routine

There are only 4 people who are allowed to add to or edit Bedros’ schedule and he refers to them as his ‘Navy Seal Team’. They take control of maximizing every part of his schedule—back to back meetings, phone calls, etc. He even has them assign work that he can do while he is on a flight. You became more aware of how much time you waste in a day when you begin to take back control and take advantage of every minute.

One practice that he wholeheartedly embraces is getting up at the same time every single day and diving into your morning routine. Too often, we fall into the trap of hitting the snooze button and dozing off again. But according to Bedros, this is teaching your unconscious mind that you are not trustworthy or credible because you don’t wake up when you said you would!

This is all just a snapshot of what the two of us talked about. There is so much more to learn in the rest of this episode with Bedros Keuilian. This is one you don’t want to miss!

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