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55: The Glamour Vs. The Reality Of Entrepreneurship, with Kurt Belding- The Franchise Story Podcast

  • In this episode, we’re with Kurt Belding of Fit Republic. He is a franchisor and also has a podcast called the BCE Show. He also started the Fit Republic Foods.

    Brian and Kurt discuss how people generally see entrepreneurship versus how it really works. They share valuable insights on the reality of starting and making the business grow that will surely encourage and give you more perspective.

    What are you waiting for? Check out this episode now and learn more about what making the business work really looks like.

    What we talk about:

    • Kurt’s life as an entrepreneur
    • Starting his own brand
    • “To be successful in business, you have to have resources. If you don’t have resources, you have to be resourceful.”
    • The glamour vs. the reality of entrepreneurship
    • Being smarter in taking risks
    • The reality of becoming a franchisor
    • How the future looks for Fit Republic
    • The Fit Republic Foods

    What we mention:

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