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60: Building A Brand That Wins The Entire Family, with Matt & Megin Sharp

In this episode, we talk with Matt and Megin Sharp, the Co-founders of KidStrong. This child development program is based on science and taught by professionals. Using a membership-based business model, the curriculum was formed so that children hit physical, brain, and character milestones. To that end, Matt and Megin developed their mission statement, “the greatest gift we can give our kids is the person we help them become.”

KidStrong started by addressing one simple question: how can we empower our children? After having their first child, the Sharps discovered that young kids who are proficient at moving their own bodies are immediately more confidence, translating to their social skills (like the lost art of the handshake).

Matt and Megin talk about their humble beginnings, initially developing a popup class in the back of one of their CrossFit gyms. When parents caught wind of the progress other children were making in just 4-6 weeks, the program spread like wildfire. Now, KidStrong is rapidly growing with 6 locations open and 10 territories in development.

Megin comments, “it’s above and beyond kids coming to class once a week. They are carrying that [confidence] out into their life… as a family, they’re growing. We’re helping parents help their kids win at life.” Matt adds, “What you run into when kids are struggling, the entire family feels their pain. When you can make a kid more physically strong, they can feel more confidently externally.”

Tune in to hear their discussion about how KidStrong developed into a brand that wins the entire family, how Matt and Megin developed their curriculum progressions, the business of building a high-value membership, and fundamentals in setting up the foundation for your franchise.

What we talk about:

  • What is KidStrong and why Matt and Megin built it
  • Why they franchised KidStrong
  • How the program works
  • Being involved with the kids and with the parents as well
  • Realizing that they have something worth growing
  • Building the business ready for franchising
  • The process of building the franchise
  • Being careful of who is on the team
  • The dynamics in their culture – “The culture is the king.”
  • Having a team of A+ people
  • “Great people want to work with great people.”
  • “Great people want personal and professional growth.”
  • “Great people want to work in a job where they can have an impact.”

What we mention:

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