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76: Panel Special- How Multi-Unit Franchisees are Pivoting Their Businesses, with JD Busch and Peter Hansen


In light of this new reality we are all living in, we thought it would be best to conduct a special panel discussion made up of high-performing franchisees across different industries to share with us what their crisis management has looked like over the past few weeks. 

The ability to collaborate during this time will be incredibly beneficial for all of us. Today, we have the privilege of talking with two guys you may have heard from before, Peter Hansen and JD Busch. These guys are battle-tested, successful multi-unit franchisees. 

JD has been in franchising since 1995 and started as a Massage Heights franchisee and RD before also transitioned into Amazing Lash. Peter Hansen is partner and co-founder at Franchise Ramp, a digital marketing company that provides recurring customer-generation systems for franchise brands. Peter also owns multiple Club Pilates locations across 2 states – Arizona and Ohio (and is in the process of working on deals for 6 more). 

The panel talks about the current situations and opportunities that can come out of this shutdown process. No matter your industry or job position, you’ll find a lot to relate to and take from the conversation.

What we talk about:

  • The current situation of different businesses and locations during this pandemic
  • Over preparing won’t hurt
  • “You can still be an optimist, but have thought through the process of what you’re going to do in a worst-case scenario.” 
  • Navigating through a downturn
  • Best practices to come out of the current situation as successful as we possibly can
  • The difference in the shutdown process between states and how businesses adjusted
  • Facing different suggestions to make a business decision
  • Handling the post-closure communication between members 
  • Opportunities that can come out of this uncertain time
  • Staying positive
  • Evolving with the opportunities that are coming
  • Think through all different options
  • The human capital assets

What we mention:

Massage Heights

Franchise Ramp

Franchise Tribe Facebook group, by Erik Van Horn

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