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79: What It Takes To Be Successful in the World of Fitness, with Retro Fitness CEO Andrew Alfano and CFO Robbie Sprechman


In today’s episode, Brian talks with Andrew Alfano, the CEO of Retro Fitness, and Robbie Sprechman, the brand’s CFO. Retro Fitness is a rapidly growing fitness company with over 140 locations in 14 states open or in development.

Andrew points out, “I don’t build business, I build people, and people build business. That’s probably the greatest attraction with franchising for me because you’re really serving and helping others be successful.”

The trio dives into how the fitness industry has become more relevant than ever during this time. Andrew and Robbie talk about how they have transitioned their business over the last few months but also their larger commitment to build up the brand, and every franchisee in the system, to be successful in a post-coronavirus world. 

Tune in to hear Andrew and Robbie’s franchise story, and learn timely wisdom you can apply to your business journey. 

What we talk about:

  • Andrew’s and Robbie’s background and how they got into franchising and Retro Fitness
  • Where Retro Fitness is at (size and locations)
  • Building a community within the four walls
  • Taking the journey with people
  • The fitness industry is more relevant than ever with the current pandemic situation
  • How open are the consumers to going outside and coming back into gyms
  • How the franchisor helps franchisees with the actual uncertain future
  • From our perspective, our first thing was how do we help our franchisees win. And the way to win is care about the other person.” – Robbie Sprechman
  • How franchisors can deal with location closures in the industry
  • The PPP loan for businesses and other options
  • The last thing you want to do is misstep in what is a very, very fragile time.” – Andrew Alfano
  • Having a reopening playbook and closely assist franchisees
  • Be committed to being successful

What we mention: 

Retro Fitness

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