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85: The Importance of Systemizing Your Entire Business, with Koala Insulation CEO Scott Marr


In this episode, Brian and Erik are joined by Scott Marr. Scott is the founder and CEO of Koala Insulation, an emerging installation franchise serving residential and commercial customers based in Melbourne, Florida. Before Koala Insulation, Scott started and sold another successful franchise, Fleet Clean USA, one of the largest mobile truck washing companies in the country.

Scott shared how he successfully built and scaled his business through franchising. A key takeaway from Scott’s story is his prioritization on developing phenomenal processes and procedures through the entire business. 

Scott recounts, “We were in the process of building something that would have imploded if we had not put processes and procedures in place… once we started on developing processes and procedures, it was hyper-focused. We stopped looking at expanding to other locations, we stopped thinking about how many services we could provide, and we started focusing on how we can be really fantastic on our core business.” 

Tune in to hear more of Scott’s franchise story, and learn valuable wisdom you can apply to your business journey! 

What we talk about:

  • Immediately getting into the next venture after building and exiting a franchise
  • What led Scott down the franchisor path
  • Selecting franchisees and nurturing the franchisor-franchisee relationship
  • Managing franchisees and corporate locations at the same time
  • The Plant and Sell method
  • Scaling with technology
  • Exiting the franchise brand built and transitioning into the startup
  • About Koala Insulation – How it started and where it is today
  • Focusing on being a really good franchisor
  • Outsourcing franchise development 
  • The franchisee candidates Koala Insulation is looking for
  • Being able to provide adequate training and support

What we mention:

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