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89: Lessons From A Master of Scale, with Club Pilates President Shaun Grove

Shaun Grove: Success Stories from Franchisees & Founders


In this week’s episode, Brain is joined by Shaun Grove, the president of Club Pilates. As the largest Pilates brand in the world, Club Pilates is also one of the world’s largest franchised fitness brands with over 600 locations open worldwide. Before becoming the president of Club Pilates back in 2015, Grove was involved with LA Boxing as General Counsel. Later uncovering his entrepreneurial side, he opened four franchise locations with the brand himself.

Shaun shares his journey leading into franchising and the lessons he’s learned, forged from years of trial and error, that ultimately allowed him and his team to develop a bulletproof method for scaling Club Pilates and the other Xponential brands.

Brian and Shaun give timely advice regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of having the right mindset in order to build a company to scale and sustain. The duo talks about the delicate balance of macro and micro focus – and the skill to know where to focus when. 

Tune in to learn more about Shaun Grove’s franchise story, and gain wisdom on different vital aspects in franchising.

What we talk about:

  • Shaun’s introduction to franchising
  • The importance of getting the right person to help put together the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)
  • What led to the sale of LA Boxing
  • Experiencing being a franchisee and being in the franchisor side
  • The vision for Club Pilates when they started
  • Formulating the discovery day process
  • The drivers that led into the model
  • The process of building the team
  • Expanding into other brands
  • Creating Xponential Fitness
  • Being cautiously optimistic
  • What’s the future for Shaun
  • Master franchising for International locations
  • Finding international candidates
  • Being patient in this long journey

What we mention:

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