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93: The Perfect Storm in Franchising to be Successful, with Red’s Savoy Pizza CEO and President Reed Daniels

Stories from Franchisees & Founders

In this episode, we are joined by Reed Daniels, the CEO and President of Red’s Savoy Pizza. Since 1965, the original Red’s Savoy Pizza has earned a reputation as a landmark restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota. Red’s began licensing in 2006, replicating its mom and pop pizzeria in dozens of Midwest communities. Now, the franchise currently has 19 locations and is growing fast.

Brian and Reed discuss the importance of honing in on the company branding and business model. They also talked about some impacts of COVID-19 on companies and how it’s going to look like in the near future as the changes become a part of the “new normal.” Reed says, “Without the data, without the loyalty program, without online ordering, we’d be in some serious pain right now.” 

Tune in and gain useful insights and ideas that will help you in your business journey.

What we talk about:

  • Reed’s background and how he got into franchising
  • Tapping into technology to scale the system
  • Moving into the owner and franchisor role
  • Honing the company branding and the business model
  • The impact of the third-party food delivery services
  • How COVID impacted the business and the plans for this year
  • The goals and plans post-COVID shutdowns – catching growth opportunities
  • The perfect storm for franchising to be successful
  • The importance of branding quality – The quality of service and product
  • Why franchising makes it easier to work into success

What we mention:

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