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95: Key Success Factors To Embrace As You Scale Your Business, with Smoothie King Franchisee Andres Barcenas

Stories from Franchisees & Founders

In this episode, Brian is joined by Andres Barcenas, a multi-location franchisee of Smoothie King in Austin, Texas.

Andres talks about his journey starting out as a manager for a Smoothie King location to becoming a multi-unit franchisee for the brand in a short period of time. He shares with us the first steps you can take in a turnaround situation and some of the most essential lessons he has learned throughout his business journey.

Tune in and learn more wisdom that will equip you for success!

What we talk about:

  • Andres Barcenas’ background and how he got started with Smoothie King
  • Getting in as a manager with the possibility of growth
  • Lessons learned as a manager for a larger organization 
  • The opportunity to own a location
  • The level of preparedness taking on the business
  • The importance of having a positive and strong support system
  • Getting from one location to multi-location
  • The first steps you do in a turnaround
  • Wisely investing in the business especially at the beginning
  • Navigating through a tough employment market like Austin
  • How has the pandemic situation changed Andres’ perspective of the future
  • Andres’ long term vision for the organization
  • How Smoothie King become a dominant brand
  • Knowing your limits, know your strengths, and be resourceful

What we mention:

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