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Avoid These 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media, like anything that attracts a diverse group of people, has gotten a ton of consumer attention. Where else can brands and companies engage and promote their services to anyone around the world? If you want your unique, brand story to stand out in today’s market, you have to use social media. Look out for these five social media marketing mistakes that even the “pros” make.

1. Not Interacting With Your Followers

Many companies and brands forget to interact with their followers and fans when they post comments. Your job as a marketing advisor for your business and brand doesn’t end with only posting or sharing something on Facebook and Instagram. When a follower engages with you, you should interact with them.

Of course, large corporations cannot answer every single user that engages with them first. However, taking the time to respond to a select few, shows customers and fans that you care. Always remember that behind every profile picture and icon, there’s a real person who took the time to follow your brand or business.

2. Not Collaborating

While interacting with your followers is important, it’s not the only thing that will help you grow your audience. Therefore, collaborating with other successful brands, businesses, or online personalities can help you expand your brand’s reach. Find similar brands or businesses and create with them.

Also, try to post content that calls for regular, scheduled collaboration sessions. For instance, you can create a weekly series on your YouTube channel or post Facebook LIVE videos that feature your ideas, products, and services. Your audience becomes limited when you solely rely on your brand. Therefore, to keep building your fan base or clientele, collab with other people because two is better than one.

3. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Often, it seems as if major businesses monopolize the social media market. It’s a lot to try to compete with. Global corporations can afford to be active on various sites. Your brand is better off honing your limited resources on one social media platform. Once you successfully build an audience on one social media site, you can work on platform development later on. Patience is your friend.

4. Forgetting to Post Often

In the old days, a company could run one marketing campaign once or twice a year to stay on top of their game. That isn’t true anymore. With the rise of social media, your brand should try to post once per day on your primary platform.

5. Making Content That Isn’t Valuable

When we strive to post often, we sometimes don’t have the time to post quality content. As a result, our content’s value drops. Expanding your social media market is like creating a new service or product.

  1. Identify your customer avatar, what they want, and what their problem is.
  2. Figure out what your target audience will need to solve their problem and what they will enjoy reading or viewing.

Relax. It Takes Time

After reading these tips, you may feel insecure about your marketing strategy. You may think to yourself, “Am I committing one of these five social media mistakes?” We’re here to tell you that making mistakes is the first step to growth. Your brand and business can always bounce back and get better with dedication. Relax. Take a breath. Do the work, and understand that successful social media marketing takes time.

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