Brand Awareness For Athletic Republic

Their Story

Athletic Republic is the nation’s largest evidence-based performance sports training brand. The brand offers proprietary equipment, evidence-based athletic training protocols, comprehensive training and education curriculum, top-line marketing programs that drive bottom-line performance, and strategic alliances with the world’s leading sports brands to their franchisees. Franchise Ramp partnered with Athletic Republic and their 115+ locations around the United States to advance their digital footprint in a big way.

Their Goal

Before working with Franchise Ramp, Athletic Republic had no digital brand awareness efforts, no lead management strategy, and no lead management training. With 0 memberships sold in presale and an average of 5-10 leads per month for presale and open studios, their goal was to have 50 members in 30-60 days after the grand opening in the first test location.

Our Solution

Franchise Ramp immediately swooped in to identify improvement areas for the brand in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Deep Dive Into Brand Offerings and Digital Ad Strategy

  • Identify Introductory Offers and Competitor Comparisons
  • Develop Digital Ad Strategy
  • Collaboration and Approval With Corporate

Phase 2: Develop Cohesive Presale Strategy

Phase 3: Audience/Offer Campaign Execution

  • Targeting Customers at Each & Every Segment For Both Main Products
  • AR Fit (Adult Performance Improvement Training)
  • Acceleration (Youth Athletes) – Buyers are Parents of Youth Athletes & Coaches of Youth Athletes
  • Video Views, Reach and Page Like Campaigns for Every Segment & Build Customer Journey Funnel
  • Outline – All Possible Permutations of Groupings Below (ex. next slide)
  • Demo: Parents, Coaches, Youth Athletes
  • Sport: Basketball, Track & Field, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Football, Baseball, Hockey
  • Our biggest breakthrough? Highly Segmented Targeting & Creatives by producing highly-specific ad variations for both Parents of Baseball Youth Athletes and coaches of basketball youth athletes, we were able to produce groundbreaking results for the brand.

    Phase 4: Brand specific lead management
    We developed a follow-up guide in addition to the complete scripting. The next step was to record our Lead Management Training Video to add with Athletic Republic Franchisee Onboarding Education. This training explained the whole lifecycle of a lead and how to handle any given situation at each step in the prospect journey.

Our Success

60 Memberships Sold in a Condensed 4 Week Presale for Our First Test Location
99 Prequalified Leads in first 4 Weeks at $16.34/lead With Complex Audiences Segmentation & Pre-Qualification
Highly Complex Brand Awareness Audience Segmentation & Content Strategy
Complete Lead Management System & Guide
Complete Lead Management Training
Beat 30-60 Day Post Grand Opening Goal 1 Week Before Soft Opening With Only 4 Weeks of Marketing