Transforming The First Y6 Studio

Their Story

With an established and loyal following and more than 400 licensed locations, YogaSix is a national, modernized yoga brand that promotes accessibility. As one of the national brands in the Xponential family, Franchise Ramp is proud to act as a certified marketing partner.

Their Goal

In 2019, Y6 had never opened a studio already cash flow positive. In partnering with Franchise Ramp, the goal was to transform one of the first presale studios for the brand into a cash flow positive from Day 1 of opening their doors.

Our Solution

Franchise Ramp immediately swooped in to identify improvement areas for the brand in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Develop Cohesive Presale Strategy

Phase 2: Generate Segmented Presale Leads Up To Soft Open Date

  • Using a form and landing page, we ran the founding member offer for the first 6 weeks of starting ads
  • 75 days from open, we ran a giveaway campaign
  • 48 days from open, we ran the Free Week campaign

Phase 3: Audience/Offer Campaign Execution
After completing the 2 previous phases, the Franchise Ramp team was able to put our plan into action. From Campaign Optimization, Testing Iterations, to Prepping Next Step In Location’s Journey, we continuously and proactively optimize the account performance in presale and after the test location’s soft opening.

Our Success

In the presale phase, we were able to successfully facilitate 521 members in 6 months, far exceeding our goal. In that same time period, we produced 2,069 leads. Of those leads, 619 were from the Founding Member offers, 788 were from the Giveaway leads, and 638 were from the free week leads. The Total CPL was $8.80, CPL (FM) was $21.35, CPL (Free Week) was $5.00, and CPL (Giveaway) $1.73 with a total spend of $18,200.41.