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Local Franchisee Marketing Built
By Veteran Franchisees

Scaling your franchise is all about attracting the right local customers. Franchise Ramp equips you with the essential tools and resources, utilizing a data-driven approach to give your location the best opportunity to attract and retain new customers.

What We Do

We help franchisees achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through industry-leading omni-channel marketing and a dedicated team committed to your success. Our comprehensive approach ensures your franchise stands out, attracts the right customers, and achieves sustainable growth.

Meet Your Team

Every franchisee is assigned a team of dedicated paid media buying experts who work closely with you to ensure your goals align with our strategy,
maximizing your success. Together, we tailor campaigns to meet your specific needs, driving optimal results for your franchise.

Franchisee Success Manager

Every franchisee partnering with Franchise Ramp is assigned a dedicated Franchise Success Manager who works with you every step of the way, ensuring continuous support and guidance.

Account Manager

Our highly skilled Account Managers act as a direct extension of your brand, aligning with franchisee goals and collaborating closely with the Franchise Success Manager.

Account Specialists

The primary goal of our Account Specialists is to work directly with your Account Manager to ensure the timely execution of strategies and special requests, providing seamless support.


With over 10 years experience in Franchise marketing our team has developed a streamlined onboarding process.

Selection Call

The Selection Call with our team is an opportunity to discuss how we can help you achieve your desired business goals and drive growth. We’ll explore unique challenges and share more about how our tailored strategies will enhance your digital presence and boost sales. Our goal is to partner with you for continued success and measurable results.


We are here to learn everything about you and your goals as a franchise owner to help shape future discussions and discover areas of opportunity.

The Franchise Ramp Difference

Why Franchise Ramp? Franchise Ramp was created by a team of franchisees for franchisees, with a deep understanding of what it takes to help you become a successful business owner.

Our Services

Discover our array of services and omni-channel marketing approach to determine how we can best serve you and your business.

pre-launch Call

The Pre-Launch Call with your Franchisee Success Manager is designed to get to know more about you, your business, and its specific challenges in detail. During this call, we’ll gather essential information about your goals, share more about our products and services, and discuss how to set your account up for success. This is the first step in establishing a long-term partnership aimed at driving your growth and achieving tangible outcomes.

Meet Your Franchise Success Manager

Meet the team of experts that will work directly with you and help your franchisee dreams become a reality.

Partnership Alignment

A long-lasting partnership is the most important outcome of the pre-launch call. We will take this time to help establish expectations and align with your current and long-term goals.

Discuss Strategy

During the Pre-Launch Call, we develop a strategy tailored to your franchise's needs. We'll understand your goals, target audience, and market challenges. This ensures our marketing strategies align with your vision, providing a clear roadmap for success and setting the stage for a long-lasting partnership.


You are officially ready to launch! During the launch, your Franchisee Success Manager and Account Manager will develop a winning campaign aligned with the business goals discussed in previous calls. Leads will be fully integrated into your franchise’s CRM, and a dashboard will be created, giving you full access to account performance data, top-performing creatives, and more.

Campaign Launch

Using data gathered during our discovery process and pre-launch, our team of experts will launch a proactive and innovative campaign.

Franchise Dashboard

Franchisees will receive a custom dashboard highlighting account performance, ensuring full transparency between Franchise Ramp and franchisees.

CRM Integration

Our team of experts will integrate seamlessly with your CRM to ensure all leads are in your system and ready to be worked.


TEchonology Driven


Account Dashboard

Transparency is key to a successful relationship with a franchisee. All franchisees receive account-specific dashboards that highlight performance and break down key metrics, demographic data, and top-performing creatives.

Optimization and REporting

Franchise Ramp has heavily invested in proprietary technology that harnesses the power of AI and account-specific data to ensure our hundreds of accounts are never neglected and always optimized for maximum performance. Our technology can recommend suggestions for every account we manage and generate custom reports on brands and accounts to ensure the right creatives, copy, and campaigns are running.



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