October 15th, 2020

100: Our Franchise Story Podcast Journey, with Erik Van Horn and Brian Holmes

Stories from Franchisees & Founders

To commemorate the 100th episode of The Franchise Story Podcast, Brian and Erik share some of their biggest takeaways and favorite episodes as they take a look back on these amazing past two years.

The duo recounts the entire history of the show, from the very earliest days. They also discuss why they think their efforts to create such a podcast ended up working, and where the project goes from here.  

Thank you to our listeners for your support over the last 100 episodes, and join us for this special episode to learn what’s next on this incredible journey!

What we talk about:

  • Our first podcast interview and how we started
  • Looking back at how much has happened and were accomplished within this past 2 years
  • Biggest takeaways and favorite episodes
  • The power of your story
  • There are people out there that are willing to give
  • Deciding how to spend your time and energy
  • The mission to serve other franchisees
  • Being not afraid to work
  • The importance of right and growing relationships
  • Solving problems and building things
  • Things that came out of doing these episodes
  • Different stories resonate differently with different people
  • What’s next?

What we mention:

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