November 4th, 2019

26: Behind the scenes building 8 boutique fitness brands with Anthony Geisler- The Franchise Story Podcast

In this episode we’re with the smartest guy in boutique fitness, Anthony Geisler, founder and CEO of Xponential Fitness, to talk about his journey to building the fastest growing fitness aggregate in the industry, and what it takes for a franchisor to support the success of their franchisees.   Anthony has been pioneering in the specialized workout space since fitness was the wild west of business categories. Having built LA Boxing gyms into 200 locations in 35 states (before selling the company to UFC Gym in 2012), Anthony knew what it took to turn Club Pilates from just a small business operation in 2015, into a household name by 2018. Today, there are currently over 480 active Club Pilates studios, with 600 more set to open soon, and that’s just one of Anthony’s EIGHT brands within the Xponential Fitness portfolio.   Anthony knows how to expand a business without bulldozing people better than anybody, which is why Xponential Fitness’ rapid growth isn’t slated to end any time soon.   In this episode we talk about: How to select the right franchisees Attitude vs. Compliance Strategy contextualization Giving away free money to support franchises The importance of building a good team Maintaining a startup culture Why putting people first matters most   Enjoy this interview with Anthony Geisler, and don’t forget to subscribe to The Franchise Story podcast.