November 4th, 2019

37: Using Technology And Passion To Start A Franchise With Brian Cygan- The Franchise Story Podcast


In today’s episode, we have with us Brian Cygan, founder of Exercise Coach. He has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and involved in franchising for 10 years.


Brian has always been a believer in evolutionary business processes, thinking about how to take things to the next step of expanding and growing. Each situation he found himself in led him to where is now. Looking back, he is very thankful that it ushered him to make the decisions he had to make then.


Come on and join us now! Listen to this episode, and take with you nuggets of wisdom and insights for your journey to success and fulfillment.


What we talk about:

  • Brian Cygan’s background

  • Passion creates meaning to service/business

  • Delivering exercise that maximizes safety, effectiveness, and efficiency

  • Quality is more important than quantity

  • The preparation and process of starting in franchising

  • Finding the first clients for the franchise

  • How the first year went as a franchisor

  • Learning everything possible in every way available

  • Ideal franchisees

  • Best parts of being a franchisor

  • Working with high performers

  • Going all in

  • Keeping the balance

What we mention: