November 4th, 2019

42: Josh Skolnick of Monster Tree Service and redbox+- The Franchise Story Podcast


  • Stories from Franchisees & Founders

    In this episode, Erik is with Josh Skolnick of Monster Tree Service and redbox+ and they are talking about why redbox+ is a simple business model, they also talk about some tax advantages that people use, and how to use tax advantages in any businesses to build and scale franchises. Josh reached the level where his time is more valuable than money and he purchased a private plane!

    Let’s join Erik Van Horn and Josh Skolnick and get great tips and learn effective strategies in building and growing our business.

    What we talk about:

    • Introduction for Josh Skolnick
    • Being together as a family within the business
    • Collapsing time frames
    • Josh purchased a plane to save valuable time
    • Franchising and the business models
    • Simple business models
    • Looking at franchisees as investors
    • Managing blue collar workers
    • Section 179
    • Normal exit strategy for redbox+
    • Very comprehensive training
    • Competition landscape
    • Creating convenience and excellence in customer service
    • Always plan for the rainy days
    • Being around people who are more successful
    • Enjoying work
    • Starting to look at business as another path to take besides going to college

    What we mention: