November 4th, 2019

45: Being Effective In Different Levels Of Your Business Journey, with Erik and Brian- The Franchise Story Podcast

In this episode, Erik and Brian are talking about a few important things they have learned throughout their journey in the business. We, as well as our businesses, go through different stages and this calls for different strategies and processes that we need to do.


Let’s join Erik and Brian as we listen to this episode now and learn more about it.


What we talk about:

  • What does “overwhelmed” look like
  • Putting key people in place
  • Different levels in the business journey come with different processes involved
  • Evolving through the process
  • Learning from bad decisions
  • Bigger term vision and bigger goals are going to require some risk
  • Negotiating
  • Being able to look at the big picture
  • Bringing in the A player from the beginning


What we mention: