January 10th, 2020

63: Getting Your ROI With The Right Influencers, with Adam Meyer

In this episode, Erik and Brian are with Adam Meyer. Adam was a professional hockey player, turned entrepreneur, turned franchisee and owner of three F45 locations in Southwest Minneapolis. So how was he able to successfully open his first studio in one of the most fitness-saturated cities in the U.S.?

With Erik and Brian, Adam shares his journey starting with franchising, his top lessons learned from being a young entrepreneur, and how he was able to leverage influencer content into effective marketing tools for the growth of his businesses.

Listen in and learn more about Adam’s story!

What we talk about:

  • How Adam got started in his entrepreneurial journey until he owned an F45 franchise
  • Top lessons Adam learned from past experience
  • How to balance trusting others and protecting yourself and the business
  • Top characteristics that Adam looks for a future partner
  • What is F45 and how is it different from others
  • The process of him getting started with F45
  • What helped Adam grow F45
  • Success defined
  • Using local influencers for marketing
  • Creating content
  • The culture of celebrating everybody and sharing it
  • The rewarding feeling that the business brought
  • How the 3 locations are going and its long-term goals
  • How to take over an acquired business

What we mention: