June 3rd, 2020

69: Learning, Living, and Growing the Entrepreneurial Mindset, with Jason Wuerfel

In this episode, Erik talks with Jason Wuerfel, the founder of Books & Brews. Jason grew up too nerdy for the jocks and too jocky for the nerds. It was this experience that lead him to develop the mission for Books & Brews⁠— to create a place for people without a place. Books & Brews is a place for the reader, for the scholar, for the gamer, for the drinker, for the music lover, for the individual.

Jason and Erik talk about the growth strategy for his niche franchise, winning marketing tactics, and fundamental truths in building and developing any business within a community.

Jason grew up in an entrepreneurial family, but there were things he initially took for granted. Tune in to hear his powerful story about what can happen when failure isn’t an option.

What we talk about:

  • Jason Wuerfel’s background and the story of his family
  • Setting yourself aside for the guest
  • “Work is not something that you leave.” – Jason Wuerfel
  • “We’re not going to go broke because I won’t let us.” – Jason’s father
  • Taking the risk and making it work
  • The Books & Brews experience
  • The Books & Brews mission
  • Books & Brews franchisees and locations
  • How the corporate operation looks like for the franchisees – A marketing company that franchises
  • Just have to have champions
  • How Jason do social media and marketing
  • “Whatever your concept is, add your nerdiness to it.” – Jason Wuerfel

What we mention: