June 8th, 2020

74: How Accelerated Waste Solutions Stays At the Top of Their Industry, with Fred Tomlin and Sherrod Hunter

In this episode, Brian and Erik talk with Fred Tomlin, the CEO of Accelerated Waste Solutions, and Sherrod Hunter, the President and Co-founder of Accelerated Waste Solutions. They share key moments of growth for their company and how they made sure to keep the business on top within the industry. They also share how technology has been a valuable asset to their growth and how they worked to have a well-developed system and processes before getting into franchising. 

Tune in to the conversation to learn more about Fred and Sherrod’s story, what made them successful initially, and kept them growing.  

What we talk about:

  • What is Accelerated Waste Solutions and how it started
  • Understanding the industry and listening to the customers
  • About the app
  • Operating in different locations
  • Highly focusing on B2B sales channel
  • What led to franchising
  • Using technology throughout the business
  • Wanting to share the success through franchising
  • Number of employees and job descriptions
  • Mentors in franchising
  • Goals for franchising in the next five years

What we mention: