June 8th, 2020

80: How To Lead In Times Of Uncertainty, with Loyalty Brands CEO John Hewitt


In this episode, we have a special guest who is the Founder and CEO of Loyalty Brands— John Hewitt. Prior to Loyalty Brands, John was also the co-founder of Jackson Hewitt and the Sole Founder of Liberty Tax Service.

Given his 50+ years of experience in the industry, John talks with Brian about some key values on how to lead in times of uncertainty. They also talked about building the best business system by having a healthy franchisor-franchisee relationship and cultivating happy and successful franchisees.

 Join their conversation and learn priceless leadership principles and skills from first-hand experiences that will help you navigate through a trying time and come out winning.

What we talk about:

  • How to lead in time of uncertainty
  • Being prepared – Always have a Plan B for the business
  • One of the things of being successful is you make more mistakes than other people and/or observe more mistakes.” – John Hewitt
  • Perseverance is the most important
  • To compete to win – Having happy, successful franchisees
  • The greatness of franchising is the creativity and the drive and the commitment of the franchisees.” – John Hewitt
  • Helping franchisees learn from each other
  • Motivations that go beyond the money earned

What we mention:

Loyalty Brands

Jackson Hewitt

Liberty Tax