June 8th, 2020

81: The Choice to Fight Through Challenges, with Tutor Doctor Franchisee Jon-Anthony Lui


In this episode, we are joined by a top performer franchisee, Jon-Anthony Lui. Jon-Anthony is a 10-year, multi-unit franchisee with Tutor Doctor.

Together with Erik and Brian, Jon-Anthony shares his experiences in starting out and growing in the world of franchising where he developed notable life and leadership skills that definitely scaled him up to the level of success that he is in now. He also talks about the mindsets and mental health of entrepreneurs who are going through challenges especially with our present global circumstance.

Tune in to hear more about Jon-Anthony’s franchise story and learn from a topnotch leader and entrepreneur.

What we talk about:

  • Jon’s background in franchising
  • Starting with Tutor Doctor
  • What Tutor Doctor is today
  • The importance of consistent, persistent, and quality execution
  • The Challenges of being a top-performer
  • Having good mentors that can give guidance
  • How has a good franchisor pivoted during this time when they needed to
  • Mindsets and mental health of entrepreneurs
  • The choice to fight
  • How Jon manages the team
  • Jon’s goals and dreams in life and in business
  • Understanding the values of the brand
  • One thing that is important for brand innovators is being able to revisit things that maybe you said no to before because perhaps, things have changed.”

What we mention: