June 8th, 2020

83: How One Brand Is Taking Advantage of the Changing Fitness Industry Landscape, with Mayweather Boxing + Fitness CEO James Williams


In this episode, Brian talks with James Williams, co-founder of the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness concept. James has been serving as the brand’s CEO since their inception in 2017. Previously, James was a co-founder and Principal at Ivy Venture Partners, where he partnered with Floyd Mayweather and Beyoncé to develop each of their various business ventures. He is a former strategy consultant at premier global consulting firm, Bain & Company; and a former corporate lawyer at the global Magic Circle law firm, Clifford Chance. 

James talks about the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’ attractive and highly competent business model and how the brand has been navigating the COVID-19 situation. In order to create a successful, celebrated-back business, James believes you need two things: “Authenticity to the person.. and the operating team behind it who really has the experience and expertise in that industry.” 

James also shares how the brand has been able to capitalize on the redefined, competitive landscape for the fitness industry. The most important aspect for James? “Well-capitalized operators with a clear strategy to target the new consumer demands in the fitness industry.”

Tune in to hear more of James’ franchise story and pick up nuggets of wisdom that will equip us in our business journey.

What we talk about:

  • James’ career before franchising and what lead him to become a franchise owner
  • Jumping the learning curve in franchising 
  • Staffed up too quickly
  • Floyd Mayweather’s vital part in the business model
  • The brand and its marketing
  • The fitness programming
  • Integrated uses of technology
  • Navigating through the COVID-19 situation
  • The challenge in financing
  • The bigger goal with the brand
  • Taking advantage of the implications of COVID-19

What we mention: