July 1st, 2020

87: Executing on the Fundamentals to Create Real Value, with ProNexis CEO Scott Abbott

Scott is a respected entrepreneur from Utah that has led several companies from their growth stage to exit. Most notably, Scott co-founded Five Star Painting, one of America’s largest painting franchise systems, taking it to over 100 locations in four countries. Now, Scott is the CEO of ProNexis, leading that company to become a fully integrated business solution for service based businesses.

In terms of finding the next evolution for your business, Scott advises, “Every time there’s a shift in human behavior, there’s a massive opportunity that exists for those of us in the game, whatever game that is. For us, we just kept iterating on how to expand the business by feeding what works and starving what doesn’t.”

Scott walks us through his entrepreneurial journey, then his franchising one. Along the way, he shares valuable lessons and necessary risks that ultimately takes him to the next level of success. Tune in now and find out how Scott was able to effectively launch a franchise brand and built it to create real value for his customers.

What we talk about:

  • Talking about EO – Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Scott’s background and how he got into franchising
  • When you’re a new entrant into a business, you need to do something different.” – Scott Abbott
  • “When you create value, you needed, at some point, sell that value.” – Scott Abbott
  • The willingness to take risk
  • How Scott got to the decision of selling the Five Star Painting
  • The elements in every business
  • Being involved in IFA
  • About Pronexis
  • Creating the world’s best customer service solutions
  • Building something that creates value

What we mention: