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We were tired of working with digital marketing agencies who didn’t understand franchising or sales in general. So we took matters in our own hands, became Facebook Experts, and added other Digital Marketing Experts to our team.

Brian Holmes


At 23-years-old and right after walking out of his job in the banking industry, Brian bought his first franchise. He struggled to build a business the old school way for 10 years but grew his business to 19 locations and $3 million in revenue – breaking organization records.

He purchased another franchise with the development rights for four locations in the fitness industry. After he discovered the power of social media to grow his brand, he launched three locations cash flow positive from day one.

Peter Hansen


Peter knew at an early age that business ownership was the right path for him. He purchased his first franchise in 2011 and built that organization to five units with $1 Million in revenue in less than three years.

Then, he purchased a development agreement for three franchise locations 2,000+ miles from his home. How was he able to do this? Social media marketing, of course.

He was one of Franchise Ramp’s first customers. He discovered his passion for social media marketing and used it to create cash flow in his first location two weeks before opening the doors.

Aren Johnstone


Aren started his digital marketing career at 16 and has since owned and operated multiple eCommerce businesses and digital marketing agencies. He has partnered with companies such as Digital Marketer, managing over $50 million in online ad spend with clients all over the world.

As a business owner, Aren has always known the importance of being on the cutting edge of innovation. As a digital marketing expert, he’s excited to convert his knowledge and skills to the growth and success of franchisees.

Beth Boley

Director of Franchisee Success

Beth has over twelve years of experience in client relations. Her client-centered approach has translated in her franchisee relationships, allowing for a more personalized customer experience. Beth’s primary passion is helping franchisees succeed in their business. She lives by the motto that franchisees are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. By providing her clients with access to the most forward-thinking programs and services, Beth is able to deliver successful results and satisfied franchisees.

Jake Hodges

Director of Paid Traffic

Jake’s sales and marketing experience is rooted in the franchise and hospitality industries. Through web development, digital strategy, and brand design; he has helped grow more than one-hundred unique brands.

Barry Oshiba

Director of Creative Strategy

Barry has managed the creative production for over one-billion dollars of ad spend for some of the world’s top brands.

Ever since he picked up a camera at a young age, Barry knew he wanted to spend his life creating content. He has developed digital ads for dozens of high-growth companies across a wide variety of industries, specializing in paid social performance creative optimized for conversions. He always wears multiple hats in the creative process and enjoys the data-driven nature of creative experimentation.

Nick Hansen


Nick has been producing creative content for over a decade. Whether working with a small business owner or a large corporation, Nick always puts the clients needs first and works with them to engage the customer. He is comfortable across a variety of mediums. He has a reputation for driving customer acquisition and growth, specifically with social media marketing.

Katie Valenti

Franchisee Success Manager

As a Millikin University graduate, Katie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and double minored in Communication and Dance. Through various professional experiences, she discovered that she derived value from building and growing relationships with others. This led her to Franchise Ramp.

Katie immediately gravitated to the sense of servant leadership that is evident at the company’s core. Based in the Chicagoland area, Katie is excited to make connections with people all around the country and assist them in reaching their franchise goals!

Cy Anderson

Franchisee Success Manager

With a degree in Marketing from Wayne State University in Detroit and after 10 years of guest relations experience in luxury resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, Cy realized her true passion was in building meaningful and impactful relationships with clients while working together to attain and surpass their objectives. It was her firm belief that a satisfied client is a business’s best strategy and how it aligned with the core values of Franchise Ramp that has led her to this position.

Adopting the attitude of “what can I do to make a difference,” Cy is enthusiastic and committed to collaborating with and providing expertise to her clients.

Brannigan Smith

Franchisee Success Manager

Brannigan has a Masters degree in Human Relations from Northern Arizona University and has worked in customer success or client-focused roles for over twelve years. Brannigan is truly passionate about helping people reach their goals and providing them the necessary tools and support to get them there.  Brannigan finds great value in building long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Franchise Ramp’s core values and continuous growth fits perfectly in-line with Brannigan’s personal values. Brannigan is excited to see all franchisees surpass their goals and witness the new opportunities they have created for themselves.

Kristen Setzer

Franchisee Success Manager

As an Appalachian State University graduate, Kristen received her Bachelor of Science degree in communications and advertising with a minor in business management. She has over 10 years of experience in customer relations including roles in chamber of commerce and high-end hospitality management.

As a passionate communicator, Kristen’s success is based on a personalized, client-centered approach. She brings energy and enthusiasm to every experience. Her mission is to ensure each client has a successful partnership with Franchise Ramp by reaching and surpassing their business goals.

Jazmin Murphy

Franchisee Success Manager

Jazmin has worked in client success roles for ten years. She found her passion for serving and building impactful relationships with people early in her career which in turn led her here to Franchise Ramp.

As an entrepreneur herself, she can relate to the process of building a brand from the ground up. Currently located in Oklahoma City, Jazmin is thrilled to connect with clients across the globe to help them reach their full potential.

Alex Hyland

National Account Strategist

Alex graduated from Michigan State University in 2016 with a BA in Media & Information. Since then he has helped many small businesses grow their customer base through Google, Facebook, and the e-commerce world. Alex is a data-driven individual and loves seeing results from his dedicated performance.
Always striving for excellence, Alex’s craft will always continue developing into the future and he is excited to partner with our franchisees to meet and exceed all expectations.

Nathan Hall

Account Strategist

Nathan obtained his degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Communication Studies and Marketing. Taking part in marketing competitions through college, he won multiple awards in individual and team events. Passionate about digital marketing, Nathan’s learning journey is still ongoing and will continue well into the future.

Erik Fuste

Account Manager

Coming straight out of University, Erik knew he wanted to own his own business. Partnering with a close friend, they would form a team and begin their journey of servicing over 100 businesses throughout the United States with high-quality branding and web development. Shortly after, Erik discovered his passion for Marketing and extended his capabilities by managing millions in online ad spending over a 5 year period. 

Owning a small business helped shape Erik’s commitment to hard work and the alignment with the core values of Franchise Ramp’s commitment to franchisee success.

Gavin Westover

Account Manager

As Gavin grew, so did his penchant for business. He quickly outgrew lemonade stands and garage sales, setting his sights on a business degree. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University in May of 2022 with a BA in Marketing and joined Franchise Ramp in December. An avid learner, he quickly adapted to the fast-paced work environment, and by the end of January, Gavin was collaboratively managing 350 individual ad accounts on Facebook.

Today, Gavin strives to push boundaries in his corner of the marketing world and is always aiming to improve.

April Butao

Account Specialist

April has years of digital marketing experience under her belt and thrives in data-centric roles. She enjoys working at Franchise Ramp in order to help franchisees attain their goals and dominate their local markets.

Michelle Roxas

Account Specialist

Michelle has been working in the digital marketing space for over four years and has been part of successful Social Media Marketing Agencies in the past. She has also helped eCommerce businesses build their strong online presence and been helping local service businesses build systems to help generate leads consistently using marketing automation.

She’s very passionate about expanding her knowledge on digital marketing and now enjoys working at Franchise Ramp as one of the Account Specialists who contributes to helping franchisees succeed in their business growth.

Proven Results

What Our Clients Are Saying.

Club Pilates

We booked 456 intros in one week and had 353 members after grand opening weekend! Their process, service and extensive franchise expertise were instrumental in starting our new venture off with a bang!

Jon Mueller, Owner


Since we have worked with franchise ramp for our leads, we have noticed a much more tailored, effective approach then other previous Facebook advertising companies we have worked with. We are happy with Franchise Ramp and the way they work and care for us.

Kevin Easterly, Owner


Our lead count increased tremendously as well as the quality of leads, making conversions easier than before and helping us set new franchise wide records. They are top notch and we will use them for all studios going forward!

AJ DePaolo, Director of Operations 

Club Pilates

Franchise Ramp presented a unique advantage over our previous vendors with their industry specific knowledge.   They understand what it takes to perform well at the studio level. We rolled out their platform across all 6 of our studios and have been very pleased with our results.  From launching studios to maintaining consistent lead flow in our sustainable studios, their performance, service, and attention to detail have been excellent.

Jon Smith, Owner

Liberty Tax

I have worked with thousands of franchisees over the years.  Peter and Brian are some of the very best in the business.

John Hewitt, CEO

Club Pilates

My first studio sold 144 memberships in pre-sale, 227 memberships after soft opening weekend and hit 330 memberships in 5 weeks! Because of them, the first franchise location of my career finished in the top 5% of studios nationwide!

Zach Schlobolm, Owner

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