September 29, 2020

Associate Marketing Manager

This role joins our marketing and sales team to deliver best-in-class consulting to our client base of franchisees. We have a fast-growing business and healthy customers. We now need to scale the team to keep up with business growth, support new channels, and maintain our strong connection with our customers. The work can be grouped into these categories:

Proactively provide marketing assets to the Marketing & Sales teams,
Cohesively communicate messaging across all products and promotional activities, and
Optimize marketing, public relations, and event management strategies to enhance and increase marketing effectiveness.

Franchise Ramp is the premier Digital Marketing Agency for Franchise Concepts. The digital marketing landscape is continuously evolving, presenting new opportunities for savvy franchise brands to grow, especially at the local level. In order to navigate a noisy online world, our team of digital marketing experts makes it their mission to find the custom formula that wins for franchise owners —taking leads from online, to on-site.

While our mission is to drive results that matter to franchisees through tech-driven, scalable, and measurable digital marketing solutions, our values can be summed up in three words— We Live Franchising.

Location: This is a full-time, fully remote position.

Core Responsibilities:


-Project planning: proactively manage all the details (timelines, deliverables, deadlines) through the social media projects ensuring all action items are accomplished timely and accurately.
-Prioritize and streamline tasks to ensure accuracy and efficiencies, proactively identifying issues/risks.
-Assist in public relations endeavors such as coordinating podcast guests, earned media, and virtual/in-person event experiences.
-Co-own the facilitation in updating the Master Content Project Plan that is SEO-guided.
-Contribute to community-building initiatives such as newsletters, client-forums, and webinars; as well as create video, graphics, and long-form content to distribute on multiple social media platforms.


-Assist in designing and creating Sales Team Collateral: Successful Case Studies; Franchisor/Franchisee Sales Decks; Testimonial Write-Ups; White Pages to introduce new Franchise Ramp products and services.
-Design and create Client Success Team Collateral: Client training materials; FAQ documents for clients; Internal videos and documents for training, communication and collaboration.

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Club Pilates

We booked 456 intros in one week and had 353 members after grand opening weekend! Their process, service and extensive franchise expertise were instrumental in starting our new venture off with a bang!

Jon Mueller, Owner


Since we have worked with franchise ramp for our leads, we have noticed a much more tailored, effective approach then other previous Facebook advertising companies we have worked with. We are happy with Franchise Ramp and the way they work and care for us.

Kevin Easterly, Owner


Our lead count increased tremendously as well as the quality of leads, making conversions easier than before and helping us set new franchise wide records. They are top notch and we will use them for all studios going forward!

AJ DePaolo, Director of Operations 

Club Pilates

Franchise Ramp presented a unique advantage over our previous vendors with their industry specific knowledge.   They understand what it takes to perform well at the studio level. We rolled out their platform across all 6 of our studios and have been very pleased with our results.  From launching studios to maintaining consistent lead flow in our sustainable studios, their performance, service, and attention to detail have been excellent.

Jon Smith, Owner

Liberty Tax

I have worked with thousands of franchisees over the years.  Peter and Brian are some of the very best in the business.

John Hewitt, CEO

Club Pilates

My first studio sold 144 memberships in pre-sale, 227 memberships after soft opening weekend and hit 330 memberships in 5 weeks! Because of them, the first franchise location of my career finished in the top 5% of studios nationwide!

Zach Schlobolm, Owner

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