Franchisee Success Manager

Education Needed

Bachelors Degree

Experience Needed

3+ Years

Job Description

This role joins our customer success team to deliver best-in-class consulting to our client base of franchisees. We have a fast-growing business and healthy customers. We now need to scale the customer service team to keep up with business growth, support new channels, and maintain our strong connection with our customers.

The work can be grouped into these categories:

-Proactively provide expert advice to our customers
-Communicate inter-departmentally to ensure company success
-Monitor, analyze, and report on performance data


You have achieved as a success manager in a fast-paced environment.  This is not your first rodeo. You have strong technical skills in Office, CRMs, and (preferably) AirTable. A bonus would be experience managing accounts on Facebook. You have a strong desire to help others succeed and the ability to push back when a client is making mistakes.

You operate with a high degree of structure and skill. You’re fairly analytical and have a strong drive to master and complete any and all assignments. You have a temperament that allows you to work with multiple personality types while maintaining a professional and positive demeanor. You are comfortable with correctly completing operational procedures and like to help improve systems and procedures.

Key Responsibilities

-Take mental ownership of a client base and proactively work to ensure their continued success and to maximize LTV
-Critically think in risk/reward scenarios and actively problem solve
-Be goal orientated with a positive perspective and a deep desire to achieve
-Work autonomously and within a team environment. This is a fully remote position. If you can’t manage your time effectively, you cannot succeed.
-Maintain attention to detail and double check the minutia
-Create, review, and update SOPs
-Ethically sound and with a personal pride in how others perceive you
-Be capable in Office, CRM’s (Hubspot preferable), Airtable, and Facebook.

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