November 16th, 2019

3…2…1… Lift Off! What to Expect When You Start Working With Franchise Ramp

You’ve found Franchise Ramp. Now you may be wondering – what can I expect in my first month working with a franchise marketing agency?

At Franchise Ramp, our purpose is to help franchisees attain financial freedom and realize their dream. We do this through a proven marketing strategy that maximizes local market success for consumer-oriented franchises.


What Makes Franchise Ramp Unique

  1. For Franchisees, By Franchisees. It’s hard to relinquish the reins. Even if you decided it’s time to outsource your marketing, it’s still going to be hard to trust strangers with your brand. But the right agency won’t seem like a stranger – our company is founded by veteran franchisers who get it. Franchise Ramp’s CEO and President have individually launched multiple locations cash flow positive from day one.
  2. Proactively Testing, Constantly Innovating, Always Outworking.  Our company is made up of trailblazers constantly seeking the next creative experience in digital marketing. In order to accomplish our mission, we’ve sought out talent from outside the franchise world to bring their cutting edge strategies to out-of-date franchise marketing. Our expert Account Managers don’t set your ads and forget about it, either. Every account is proactively checked daily.
  3. Committed Partner.  Our mission is to help franchisees realize their dreams. We have a team of franchisee Success Managers whose whole job is to work with you, understand your goals and objectives, and work towards achieving your dream. We want a partnership, we don’t want a one-way street.

What We Do For You

We carefully analyze your goals and develop a marketing campaign strategy to put the plan into action. Bottom line is, we listen. We are continually maintaining the balance between your marketing efforts and the results they provide. We straddle important but isolated kingdoms such as Facebook to help you better understand tactical questions such as how often certain creative should be shown to produce a result. What does this translate to? Working with a Franchise Ramp means more leads converting to customers.

Franchise Ramp Uses the Following Digital Platforms:

  • Facebook-Instagram
  • Google PPC
  • Google Display
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

Our Proven Process: Your “Mission Plan”


1. “Selection Call”- Discovery Call

On this call, we’ll go over who we are, what we do,  and how we do it. Following the Discovery Call, we will send you onboarding materials/tasks which will be discussed on your Flight Plan.


2. Flight Plan – Onboarding Call

Next step, onboarding. You’ll meet the team, align expectations, agree on a destination, and schedule regular meetings. It’s crucial that we determine your objective. Do you want more customers? More leads? Do you need better leads?


3. Launch Pad – The Build Out

At this stage, we will begin by integrating with your CRM, identifying location-specific audiences and collateral, and build out a complex campaign structure tailored to your market. You’ll be given access to our Franchisee Dashboard, updated with in-time results.


4. Launch!

After all the necessary steps have been completed, we activate your ads.


5. Post Launch Debrief

7 days after launch, we meet to review initial 7-day performance, discuss lead volume, lead follow up, cost per lead, and establish the next steps.


6. Orbit

What can you expect when your ads are in orbit? Daily account optimization, constant proactive testing of audiences, ads, messaging, and monthly check-ins. In order to answer any and all questions, you will have constant availability through your dedicated Franchisee Success Manager.


We are so committed to partnering with franchisees to help them accomplish their dreams, that if they are not 100% satisfied, you have 20 days from the date of your ads launching to request a full refund of your ad spend and service fee That’s our guarantee.