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How To Use Instagram Live In Your Organic Marketing Strategy

83% of Instagram users say they find new products or services by browsing the platform. So, how can you ensure your franchise location attracts new audiences on Instagram?

One way is with Instagram Live.

The live feature is part of Instagram Stories and allows you to stream video and engage with followers in real-time. When a user goes live, Instagram notifies their followers and highlights their profile picture in the Stories section, making it appear first in line on their followers’ feeds.

Live video can be an effective tool to highlight your business offerings and host engaging events for users to join. In fact, 82% of people prefer live video over social posts from a brand according to a survey hosted by Vimeo Livestream and New York Magazine! Check out these six ideas you can use to create a stand-out Live feed for your Instagram followers that you can easily incorporate into your organic marketing plan!

Haven’t used Instagram Live before? Not to fear! Hubspot put together an awesome checklist, click the link to see the exact steps you need to start your next Live.

#1: Research Influencers To Collaborate

 Research influencers in your industry to collaborate with and host Instagram Live takeovers. By doing so, your business will likely reach new audiences who are more willing to learn about your brand. You can also interact with the viewers in real-time in the comments or have your guest share a message about your business.

Consider tying Lives to current events to make your livestreams relevant to national or global conversations. These actions will boost your brand awareness.

#2: Host Live Workshops!

Instagram Live can also be used to host live workshops from your business. Lives make it easy for users to follow along and can serve as something people look forward to in their day.

Think of Instagram Lives as a way to create a virtual community of people coming together to do something. Similarly, a wellness company may host live meditation sessions. Any activity is up for grabs as long as it supports the business vision.

#3: Educate Your Audience

Ask yourself: What can we, as a business, teach members of our audience? Depending on the answer to that question, Instagram Live could be a great place to educate your audience while responding to their feedback and questions in real-time.

You can also better understand how acknowledging well-known events and holidays (e.g. cultural events, sports, and awards seasons) can work in your favor for this type of marketing strategy.

#4: Be Authentic!

Instagram Live doesn’t have to be formal. Let your guard down and show your authenticity! Try and brainstorm potential themes you may be able to incorporate into your livestreams to achieve results unique to your business and stand above the noise.

Moreover, creating a series of Lives will incentivize people to follow your account and stay tuned for new content. Also, take advantage of Instagram’s guest feature to add someone else into your brand’s conversation.

#5: Use Live Q&As With Your Followers

Using Instagram Live to conduct Q&As and interviews can provide insightful tips and advice for your audience. This educational content will be appreciated by your audience members who are eager to learn and help you increase customer loyalty. Additionally, listening to a conversation between multiple people, and watching that interaction live, can also be more enjoyable than a one-man show.

#6: Don’t Forget About Product Demos

Live is the perfect place for product demos and to show customers what they can expect from your business. This can resolve any hesitations related to making a purchase. It also offers a place for experts and current users to answer any concerns about the product a prospect may have. Assess your current offerings and create a live session to discuss how the customer can use and benefit from your products.

No matter which industry your business is in, all successful Lives have one theme in common — they provide valuable content for viewers that’s entertaining and/or educational.

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