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Taking Leads Online to On-site: Why Reach Matters

At Franchise Ramp, we have the opportunity to use precision to target specific audiences as well as mass scale to reach larger audiences on Facebook and Instagram. But how do you know if your audience is too saturated with an offer? Is there benefit in going after a broader audience? 

Let’s look at two scenarios… 

  1. Narrowing in on a small and potentially more precise audience
    This approach may result in a higher level of lift on people’s behaviors because the product may be more relevant. The scale of the campaign, however, limits the size of the audience impacted.
  2. Scaling reach to a broader audience
    Doing this may yield a lower response rate to the advertising, but the total number of people impacted could be much greater. When measuring this campaign against total impact, reaching a broader audience is more successful. 

 To stay relevant online and let your community know you exist requires broadening your targeting and messaging, also known as reach-optimized. On the other hand, action-optimized bidding reaches a larger percentage of more expensive users, aka your “perfect prospects.” 

The truth is, most franchisees need both: the efficiency of scale, in a world of precision. In the video below, Franchise Ramp Account Manager EJ Rivera dives into the importance of doing just that. 

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