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Top Questions To Ask Yourself With Insight-Driven Creative

People’s minds have been busy with this new reality. But studies also indicate that people still want to hear from brands as long as they deliver relevant content. According to an Ipsos Study, 70% of customers want to continue to hear from brands and companies on what they have to offer and what they stand for. 64% of consumers expect companies to acknowledge today’s crisis and the situation in their advertising and only 10% of consumers believe that brands that advertise during today’s climate are tone-deaf. 

Facebook conducted a large scale analysis of creative content across its platforms to understand what has driven the most resonance with people and value for the brand on their platforms during the pandemic.

Facebook looked at the content based on the three ways brands can show up: 

Say: how they show up through what they say 

Safety tips: Physical and Emotional 

This includes tips on ways to ensure physical safety, from how to wash hands to distancing techniques if you have to go outside was well as strategies to find peace and calm amongst the chaos are appreciated by people. 

Compassion and Appreciation 

Expressions of empathy and solidarity for everyone on the front lines of the crisis, like health workers and those people more impacted, like small businesses, resonates well. 


Facebook also see people react positively to ideas and content to stay entrained and distracted during challenging times when many are facing isolation and uncertain futures

Act: How they show up through their actions 

Donations & Drives 

Brands doing their part to raise money, donate money, and support those communities and businesses most impacted by the pandemic are landing well with people. 

Repurposing Production 

Brands that found ways to leverage existing production and supply chain to contribute much needed medical and safety supplies resonant with people. 

Flexibility and Financial Relief 

Another approach that people appreciate is offering customers ways to defer payment and relieve financial anxiety as more people lose their jobs and means of income.

Sell: How they show up through keeping their business running 

Contact-free Commerce 

Addressing global physical distancing mandates by providing contact-free ways to purchase and acquire products is perceived as values. 

Bespoke Details and Discounts 

Combating financial insecurity with promotions and deals tied to the new stay at home circumstances is resonating with people in this situation. 

Escapism & DIY Self Care 

Acknowledging the influx of negative news by reframing products and services as a form of escape or self-care is getting people really interested. 

Top Questions To Ask Yourself With Insight-Driven Creative 

  1. How do you create with high-levels of craft in a mobile-first production? (Check out @mobileanatomy for ideas!)
  2. How do you lead with inclusiveness in a particularly sensitive environment?
  3. How can performance brands unlock new audiences and growth potential? 
  4. How can performance brands maximize creative effectiveness?
  5. Can we provide tools to help people thrive in this new context? 
  6. What is the unique problem that this situation has created for your core audience? What are the ways we can help them solve this? 
  7. Are there communities that the brand has not reached in the past that should be reached given the new context we are in? 
  8. Which angle can we create value? Is it the product? Is it the story? Is it the community?


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