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Understanding the Franchisee Lifecycle Stages, with Joe Mathews

With Joe Mathews, Source: March 2021 Franchise Flywheel

As a seasoned franchising veteran, Joe Mathews showed us how franchisees move through five linear phases which he calls The Lifecycle of a Franchisee. As CEO of Franchise Performance Group, Mathews is a thought leader and top consultant specializing in how to grow profitable, sustainable, and valuable franchise brands. He is author or co-author of five books on franchising: ”Future of Franchising,” How to Create a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Guaranteed.” “Street Smart Franchising,” “Franchise Sales Tipping Point,” and “Developing Peak Performing Franchisees.” Joe has written or been quoted in 80 articles featured in Wall St Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc, Working Woman, Business Week and numerous newspapers, books, and journals. Areas of Specialization include: Growth strategies, brand strategy, leadership and corporate culture, franchise candidate lead generation, financing, and all aspects of franchisee recruitment.

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