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44: Your Business As Your Mission, with Will Bartholomew- The Franchise Story Podcast

In this episode, we are with professional athlete and founder of D1 Sports Training, Will Bartholomew.  D1 Sports Training was founded 18 years ago and has sold their 100th franchise. Prior to starting D1 Sports Training Will had two other successful businesses.

Through Will’s experiences, he was able to make choices that brought him to where he is now but above all, his passion for what he does made him and his business successful. Erik and Will talk about insights that will open your mind and get you thinking about what you want to grow or do next.

Tune in now and let’s join them and get some very good wisdom for our entrepreneurial as well as personal journey.

What we talk about:

  • Introduction for Will Bartholomew
  • Will’s experience playing with Peyton Manning
  • Will’s entrepreneurial background
  • What is D1
  • The changes of the business model throughout time
  • The importance of relationships
  • Networking and giving back
  • Having an injury and getting out and finding a new passion
  • Being very specific on what you want
  • Who does D1 want
  • Working with millennials
  • People and their characteristics that stood out to Will

What we mention:

  • D1 Sports Training
  • The Coaches Summit
  • Peyton Manning
  • Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy
  • Tim Tebow
  • Chris Paul
  • Al Wilson
  • Energy Buzz book

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