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49: Truly Believing In What You Are Doing, with Drew McWilliams- The Franchise Story Podcast

In this episode, we’re with Drew McWilliams, the president of the Ivybrook Academy Franchise. Drew and his wife started the school in 2007  combining his background as an entrepreneur and her background as a grade-school teacher.

Drew and his wife put together a unique and very effective curriculum that as people changed locations, they would have it available there.  After a few years of getting this feedback, they made the decision to learn about franchising and really worked on building the brand.

So tune in now and let’s join Erik, Brian, and Drew as they discuss the child education space and franchising.


What we talk about:

  • How Drew McWilliams started as an entrepreneur and became a franchisor
  • An overview of Ivybrook Academy
  • Really believing in what you are doing
  • The process from being an individual business owner to a being a franchisor
  • Learning through being a franchisee first
  • Communication and accessibility
  • Some advice in becoming a franchisor
  • Ivybrook Academy’s status from the beginning up to now
  • Available support for the franchisees
  • The franchise owners’ backgrounds
  • The seasonality of the education space
  • How growth will be happening for Ivybrook Academy in the coming years
  • Having the combination of the right kind of people and the market
  • Having a continuous education and always learning
  • Different revenue streams for the franchisee
  • What makes it different and unique
  • Drew and his wife’s roles within the franchise

What we mention:


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