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57: Proving Success Before Scaling, with Brian Stevens- The Franchise Story Podcast


In this episode, Brian Holmes is with a successful franchisor of Great Clips Salon, Brian Stevens, who now owns 25 locations in the Greater Minneapolis-Duluth market and has been a Franchisor Of The Year as well.


Together they talk about what it looks like to build a business and grow it from structure to structure. Brian Stevens shares his passion for giving value to the people he works with through his leadership and believes it to be one of the most important keys in scaling the organization.


Take this time to listen to this episode now and gain more wisdom with Brian Holmes and Brian Stevens as you grow into the world of business and franchising.


What we talk about:

  • Brian’s background and how he got into the franchise industry
  • When all else fails, you work hard
  • Bringing in the next generation in the business
  • “Empowering other people in to do their roles, set up the business cleanly, and remove as much chaos and drama as we can, so that they focus on what they are great at.”
  • The organizational structure at Great Clips
  • How big Great Clips is today
  • Keeping the business model simple and consistent
  • Getting others more involved by being more collaborative
  • The Entrepreneur Operating System – Visionary vs. Integrator
  • What Brian went through within the business’ growth
  • There is always going to be another opportunity
  • What is was like going from 11 to 20 locations – building the management structure
  • Implementing the EOS – looking into your business
  • Building the accountability chart
  • Working in the business together as a couple
  • Bringing in someone as a mediator between the family in the business
  • Brian’s vision for the future
  • Growing people from within the organization
  • The importance of effective coaching, mentoring, and teaching
  • “You got to have success doing what you’re doing today before you say, ‘I just want to be big.’”
  • Finding people you can trust to grow


What we mention:

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