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68: What It Takes To Be A Leader Within A Franchise System, with Bobby Williams


In this episode, we have with us Bobby Williams, a franchisee of Christian Brothers Automotive. Bobby is a serial entrepreneur with a corporate background, previously working at a Fortune 500 company. He now owns two Christian Brothers Automotive locations in Texas. Beyond that, Bobby is also involved in helping other franchisees in Christian Brothers grow and be successful within the system.

Bobby walks us through his franchising journey step-by-step, beginning with his transition from corporate America to the franchising world, the process of finding the right franchise for him and his family, taking a risk on turnaround opportunities, to ultimately becoming a franchisee that others in the system look up to. Bobby also shares how and why he values the franchise system he’s a part of and ways he is giving back by providing training to other location owners.

Tune in to this week’s episode and hear more about Bobby’s franchise story and the benefits of giving back!

What we talk about:

-Bobby’s background and experience in Corporate America
-Defining the business’s value
-Drivers why Bobby got into the business
-The process of getting into Christian Brothers Automotive
-Building a franchise takes a long time
-The transition to a different industry
-Challenges in building the next location
-The importance of having a peer support group
-Giving back through training other franchisees
-Jump in with both feet”
-The benefits of giving back
-Good points of being a franchisor
-Interesting customer experiences

What we mention:

Christian Brothers Automotive



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