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36: Chasing New, Shiny, Bright, And Awesome Object- The Franchise Story Podcast


In this episode, Erik and Brian talk about some of the great stuff they got from being around high performing people. They share about how they have invested resources, time and themselves to be able to go further ahead in their goal for success in business as well as in personal development.


  • Listen to this episode now and understand the importance of being around the right people at the right time.

    What we talk about:

    • Being around the right people at the right time

    • The importance of investing in being around high performing people

    • Getting more value in the people attending these events

    • Change in mindset

    • Being self-aware, looking at things in different perspectives

    • The difference between confidence and ego

    What we mention:

    • Mastermind Event

    In this episode, Erik and Brian share some things they know about “chasing new, shiny, bright, awesome objects.”

    As we go along and grow, more and more opportunities are put in front of us and thinking through how to deal with them is very essential.

    Stay tuned and listen as they share good nuggets of wisdom when good opportunities come along the way.

    What we talk about:

    • Saying “NO”

    • Having to choose

    • Focus

    • Writing down values/goals that guide you in your personal life

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