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86: Lessons From A Franchisee Turned CEO, with ShelfGenie CEO Andy Pittman

Andy Pittman is the CEO of ShelfGenie, the nation’s leading custom shelving and home improvement solutions franchise. Andy doesn’t have your typical franchise story, though.

Back in the day, Andy was running his own appliance store with 13 employees in Raleigh, North Carolina, when he found an article about ShelfGenie in a national business magazine. Within a month, he purchased the rights to the Raleigh franchise territory. A few years later, he had expanded to six territories across the state and earned the system’s highest volume group designation multiple times. Then, in 2018, he was named the company’s CEO.

As a “franchisee-turned-CEO,” Andy is able to lend a hand to new and existing franchise partners trying to navigate the world of franchise ownership at ShelfGenie. Andy has experience having spent time in both seats, both excelling and struggling, coming out of each experience with valuable advice for any entrepreneur looking to pave their way in the franchising world.

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