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98: How to Achieve Sustainable Growth In Your Business, with SPENGA Co-Founder Roger McGreal

Stories from Franchisees & Founders

In this episode, Brian and Erik are joined by Roger McGreal, who has served in his role as CEO for SPENGA since March 2015 as well as being a co-founder. As one of the fastest-growing brands to keep your eyes on, SPENGA currently has over 307 locations sold and offers a boutique fitness experience that combines spin, strength, and yoga elements to the workout. 

The trio talks about how SPENGA was conceptualized and developed in the early days, and how franchising helped the brand achieve sustainable growth. Roger also talks about how they navigated through the challenges brought about by COVID-19, and the importance of remembering long-term goals through times of difficulty.

Roger says, “The boutique fitness industry is booming… When you look at franchising or any business, you have to look at the sustainability. It’s a long-term play, it’s not short-term. Sometimes it’s hard when you put the blinders on, but I do think we are going to come out of this stronger than ever.” 

Tune in and learn more about Roger’s inspiring franchise story!

What we talk about:

  • How the name “Spenga” came to be 
  • What led them to create the concept
  • Opening up the first corporate location
  • The partnership dynamics within 6 co-founders
  • Expediting growth through franchising
  • How the growth looked like as the business was turned into a franchise
  • Establishing the sales process and building the franchise development organization
  • Lessons from building out a franchise model
  • Navigating through COVID – focusing on the member experience
  • What the future may look like for boutique fitness and the fitness industry
  • Some things SPENGA did to work through the COVID situation
  • A great time for the business to grow

What we mention:

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