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99: Turning Your Passion into Profit, with SPENGA franchisee Scott Kaspar

Stories from Franchisees & Founders

In this week’s episode, Erik is joined by Scott Kaspar, a high-performing SPENGA franchisee based in the Chicago area. SPENGA is an unrivaled fitness experience that incorporates elements of cardio, strength training, and flexibility into every one-hour workout through a combination of spin, HIIT training, and yoga. 

Scott shares with Erik how he was able to successfully build his first SPENGA location, and his goals for expansion. In his first year of operation, Scott grew a membership base to over 500 people. 

The duo also talks about Scott’s past business experience as a lawyer working at an international law firm and how his experience working with teams on high-stakes litigations translated to the fitness industry. 

Tune in to hear more about Scott’s franchise story and gain wisdom that will help you on your own business journey! 

What we talk about:

  • Scott’s background before getting into the fitness industry
  • Doing what you love
  • The size of the business and its people
  • Hiring the general manager and what he’s good at
  • Great real estate deal during an economic crisis
  • How quickly they can go for expansion
  • How to make the most of this time
  • The rewarding journey of building and running the business
  • Keeping the membership alive
  • Listening and collaborating with the franchisees

What we mention:

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