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‘Zee Talk’ with Emma Hagrman, Pure Barre

Emma Hagrman — High-Performing Pure Barre Franchisee

1. How long have you been in franchising? What location do you currently own?

2 years! I own Pure Barre West Omaha located in Omaha, Nebraska! 

2. How long have you been a Franchise Ramp client? 

1 month! And what a month it has been! 

3. What results did you achieve with your location, and what do you think was the biggest contributors to that success? 

Where do I start… 

1. Increase of leads 

2. Increase of Foundation bookings 

3. Increase in new members (20+ in less than 4 weeks!) 

Biggest contributors…

1. Digital Advertising and the great understanding of how it works from Franchise Ramp – Shout out to Rachel Smith who made the set up and ongoing process easy to understand, to ask questions, and to really work with someone who wants to support and grow my business right along with me! 

2. Invest in people! One of the biggest lessons I learned from 2020 is that I, as an individual, can only do so much on my own. Going into 2021, I highly invested –  and plan to continue highly investing in my Sales Team. The people. The women who are working right alongside me understand, master, and execute the sales process daily to grow my business. This investment includes both training AND celebrating our achievements – no matter how little or how big. 

4. What do you think is a core differentiator that allows you to reach the next level of success? 

The core differentiator for me to reach the next level of success of West Omaha is understanding the data. The knowledge of who is interested, how they heard about us, ages, fitness goals, etc. and understanding the data enough to ASK QUESTIONS about it. Questions including what is working, what is not working, where are our areas of weakness/strength, etc. There’s a difference between seeing the data and understanding the data. Find who you want to work with that will help you understand your business’s data. Find and work with those who you are most comfortable asking questions too. 

5. Any advice for other Owners in your industry?

Old ways will not open new doors. The fitness industry has changed. Every industry has changed. A key exercise I did for myself recently that helped me tremendously is that I made a list of all of the activities in my lifestyle – grocery shopping, working out, shopping, events, going out to eat, family/friend time, etc. and I compared how I used to do them to how I do them today. EX: Grocery Shopping – Then: I use to take weekly trips to numerous stores to get all of my items. Now: I shop at one store on their mobile app and do curbside pick-up. 

The result of this exercise is that I now have the understanding that everyone everywhere is doing things completely differently. My advice is to embrace the differences and be both flexible and understanding. Understand that your goals are still there. The path to reaching and accomplishing your goals will be different. Stop trying to go back. Go forward. 

6. What are your goals in 2021?

My goal for 2021 is to have fun. Interesting, right? Another major lesson I learned from 2020 is how much stress impacts you – your body, your mind, your emotions. My goal is to transform the stress of challenges to be viewed as an opportunity to learn. I love to learn! Learning is fun for me! Focus on the fun and I promise you will – physically, emotionally, and mentally feel 100x better.

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